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Koral Ward draws on a vast array of sources, and not just works by standard figures in 19th- and 20th-century philosophy; she also finds strong support for her interpretation of this idea in autobiographies, the modern theatre, photography, cinema, the surrealists, and the modern novel. She carries off this hugely ambitious project with scholarly skill and literary flair, making some heavily worn texts seem fresh and alive, and bringing out others you would never have imagined.

1905: The Philosophical Landscape (Ray Monk)

The basic concept of the decisive moment, in which an individual's entire life-project is open to radical reorientation, is not just confined to the scholarly reaches of recondite works from an earlier period, but resonates deeply today as well. Her book should appeal to a wide audience of readers interested in contemporary philosophy, existential themes, modern literature, modern theatre, and the visual arts.

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Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews 'Koral Ward's book is a genuinely original contribution to the understanding of 19th- and 20th-Century philosophy and art.

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  7. Through this research, one name came to light as being the revolutionary street photographer of his time; Henri Cartier-Bresson. Cartier-Bresson was a French Photographer who helped develop the style of street photography greatly. He considers taking notice of the world, and truly understanding the people you are photographing as hugely important. He seeks not only to capture a fleeting moment; but to truly understand that moment; what is the context?

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    Who is the subject? This is a highly important aspect of street photography which I have noticed from the last few exercises. Taking the time to truly watch people and really SEE what they are doing is the key to this style of photography. This is vital in photography.

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    He loved what he captured, and he was passionate about it; so much so that he could not fathom why anyone would want to photograph anything other than people! All this highlights that in street photography there are two important points to note.

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    In the previous exercise; Capturing The Moment , I began to see a little of the importance of capturing that vital moment of action. In the midst of the movement of the world, events occur, moments appear and as the picture moves into balance, hopefully something is grasped.

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    Being ready to pounce when the time comes is vital. But we must now take heed of what Cartier-Bresson does at this moment. Not only is he always alert and ready to press the shutter; but when the time comes, he is an expert at framing the image perfectly. We see this in his famous image of a man jumping over a puddle.

    The silhouette Everyman figure in the foreground, so precisely poised in the air over his reflection in the puddle below him, perfectly echoes the doubled image of the ballerina on the torn poster in the background, and the poster itself reflected in the water…The event itself, obscure and elusive, has been permanently memorized within the boundaries of the frame.

    It is just barely contained.

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    6. The graphic thrust of the photograph, from left to right, follows his trajectory, suggesting a future moment, seconds later, when he will have vanished from the scene, and the splash from his mysterious jump will have subsided.