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Tahun: Bahasa: english. ISBN File: PDF, 1. Baca buku online Send-to-Kindle or Email Please login to your account first. The file will be sent to your email address. Or should the treatment section be limited to review articles and currently approved practices? Just thought I'd bring this to the project's attention. I've templated the talk page, but there are MOS issues.

Dougweller talk , 1 October UTC.

Poisons Standard

Does Bladder have a primary topic and if so then what is it? Please comment on Talk:Bladder disambiguation Requested move 2. I'd like to draw upon your experience for some outside input. An anonymous editor has been doing some quite good work on transcranial magnetic stimulation , but is also advocating for the inclusion of a single, recent, primary source on the page. After several weeks of edit summary-based communication and reverts, there is finally a discussion on the talk page here. A diff in question is here and the paper itself is here.

I'm of the opinion that we're better off waiting for a secondary source per MEDRS Secondary but anon believes it is sufficiently noteworthy to include now. There has been an editorial published that I'm not able to read which may provide context, and it has apparently been the subject of a symposium.

Since it's a judgment call, I was hoping for your judgment. I'm open to being wrong, I just don't think I am. Any input would be welcome. The fact is important but the diagram doesn't add to the page, and my suggestion would be to remove it on all such pages. Thanks, berban —Preceding unsigned comment added by Pure genius.

I've been having some discussions with another user on whether it's appropriate to have unethical behavior in research as a page unto itself separate from the coverage of research in general. A few more eyes and keyboards would be welcome in the conversation at Talk:Human experimentation in the United States. There is a requested move at Talk:Hemicorporectomy Requested move. Such source in its final paragraph concludes: "Although CCSVI remains an interesting hypothesis, evidence linking it to increased iron in MS is lacking.

Iron dysregulation in MS is apparently more complex than simply a matter of iron accumulation in the brain. I believe both conclussions are important and that only adding one is a POV while another editor believes that only the second sentence should be included in the article, being the reasons stated "keep it short".

I have made a proposal that tries to deblock the situation in this article. As a controverted article it would be great if editors gave their opinion on the neutrality, accordance to the 3 sources it uses, and ways to improve it. Wikiproject First Aid has been nearly devoid of activity for nearly two years.

Organizing it as a task force under WP:MED may actually attract interested members of this project to reactivate the activities formerly carried out by Wikiproject First Aid. Diberri's tool is down!!! I am fairly busy right now, but perhaps someone could integrate this information into some of our articles?

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I think it may help dispel some confusion on the topic. I've just started Cancer-related fatigue. If anyone would like to expand it, please feel free. Also, symptom journal appears to be a redlink. Should that point to a new section in an existing article maybe in Symptom , or be set up as its own article? Simply stated, I am loving SE lately. Just some thoughts. I'm working on a project aimed at streamlining the transition from reader to editor.

I was going to trial it on 20 articles, but a couple of real life events are severely monopolising my time and attention. Would anybody mind if I tried it on one article for now I'm thinking Pain , an article I'm familiar with , just to get a feel for its impact and any unforseen adverse effects? Anthony talk , 5 October UTC. I just closed the AFD on this subject as "keep" and suggested that this project can be of assistance in expanding this subject. Here: [17] the reference n. Can someone look at this article for possible new ratings. All 3 parts of the Wikimedia Study of Controversial Content are now available.

Please read and contribute to the discussion on the talk pages. These two terms are often discussed together and used interchangably. Should we discuss them together? The article Antiretroviral drug has been in disrepair for some time, but recent edits trouble me. I wonder if others could take a look and see what you think. Note the hidden comments embedded in the article. A neutral third party would be very helpful. Well, this saddens me no end.

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  • What is wrong with medical schools these days? Perhaps only in Tasmania. In Holland the word "anamnesis" is still in widespread use.

    Nizoral shampoo buy nizoral erfahrungen

    I do find that few in UK use the term, and I suspect many medical students may not recognise the word. After some experience with it, I'm inclined to think that except in the case of BLPs, pending change protection is more trouble than it's worth -- it doesn't make reverting vandalism any easier, and generally just makes watching an article more difficult. My impression is that it probably shouldn't be used for medical articles. Any reactions? Looie talk , 14 October UTC. Don't tell me the great man has never published even a single case report?

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    • The Devils Disciples: Hitlers Inner Circle;
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    • A Hallucinogenic Tea, Laced with Controversy: Ayahuasca in the Amazon and the United States?
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    • Dead serious. Not even a commentary about the overdiagnosis of lupus. Well, he strikes me as more of a reader than a writer of research. So the lack of articles makes sense to me. I expect he'd find all too tedious getting his work from the whiteboard onto paper. Matto paedia Say G'Day! I have been working on revamping the Radioactive tracer article, and I would appreciate if anyone could contribute to the medical applications section. Dac04 talk , 18 October UTC. A bio of a dead person, about whom much has been written, might be easier than a medical condition, where every Tom Dick and Harry has to weigh in with primary sources.

      I happened across Rhombomere , which, while it could definitely use some improvement, is far beyond my personal area of expertise, so I figured I'd bring it up for y'all. Mokele talk , 22 October UTC. New article! Come 'n' play!!! Could someone help add some well sourced additions to the above article?

      I would love to see the topic expanded a bit. Worried well seems to be a redlink. Is there a new name for it? Is there anything much to be said about it, beyond that it exists? There is this "Person with feared complaint in whom no diagnosis was made" V But we are informed that Leonard Ian Singer is an incompetent pharmacist [21]? Tijfo talk , 24 October UTC. I've reverted edits from a couple new accounts lately at Ross University School of Medicine. Could someone else keep an eye on it too? An article in a Florida newspaper keeps getting removed. Could someone have a look.

      I don't know enough about the exact tasks to create a page myself.

      Nutrition and Oral Medicine

      Compare: [22] , [23] , [24] , [25] This page is misleading and factually incorrect. I happened across this complete trainwreck of an article, and pretty much gutted it, left review sources, and did all I could-- I'm at the limit of my medical knowledge if any one wants to review and take it from there. And watchlist it, considering its past history. In several articles on diseases I've encountered sections or parts of See also that were lists of "famous sufferers from In article histories I've seen them completely deleted sometimes, and I don't disagree with such actions myself, but still, what it the general consensus about such entries?

      Is there a place on Wikipedia I can go to ask for someone to email me a copy of a journal article that I can't access - or at least check a fact? I'm pretty sure I've read that somewhere. Anthony talk , 28 October UTC. A discussion at Talk:Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency has raised the question of whether ClinicalTrials. The alternatives seem to be either relying on news media sources or else excluding such discussion entirely. Additional input would be helpful. Shouldn't these guys have a page? They seem to rate medical journals by readership, e.

      Tijfo talk , 28 October UTC. It turns out they are a Nielsen subsidiary now [29] [30]. I have been spending a lot of my time trying to help out new users. I welcomed a user recently and received this message. I don't think the article meets our notability requirements but am not sure of the exact standards of medical bios. Obviously given the circumstances please treat this person with kid gloves as we should be doing with all non-vandal new users anyway , by that I mean no warning templates on the talk page.

      Personalized messages would be better. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out. Quadzilla99 talk , 30 October UTC. I'm plotting a new article at Breast cancer awareness. I haven't figured out whether it should subsume all of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Pink ribbon , or just the less specific elements. In the bigger picture, we should also have an article at Disease awareness coordinated with Awareness ribbons , and perhaps at Cancer awareness. They should cover history, advantages people recognize symptoms and seek care , and disadvantages e.

      If you've got ideas, sources, or know of any relevant existing articles, please speak up! I have just nominated Parkinson's disease for good article, as a way of improving it before taking it to FAC. While I believe that sources and scope are a strong point of the article, I know that my prose is far from being as professional as it should. Any kind of comments or copy-editing would be most useful. A commited reviewer would also be great, since the article is quite long. Thanks to everybody.

      Two new chiropractic articles have been transferred from a user's sandbox. Not only are they not NPOV and are promotional, they are pushing unscientific BS as if it were reality, all without proper references. The articles need more eyes on them and some working over:. Could someone take a look at this. Recent POV edits removed criticism from the lead quite serious criticism from the AAP and added all sorts of stuff that fail multiple policies and guidelines.

      I reverted with a talk page notice but it has now been restored. This article has a history of being edited by IAHP staff, relatives of the founders, etc. I see our two SPAs have been briefly blocked. However, the article is currently at the "wrong version" IMO. I'd appreciate if someone uninvolved could take a look and fix as they see fit. I don't really care what the medical issue is, but I've never run across a source that is straightforward and reasonably accessible, which I think is preferable for this article.

      If you've got a good source, please feel free to add it directly into the first paragraph at the above-linked section. We now have articles both on Ectrodactyly and cleft hand. I am therefore posting this here, in the hope that someone knowledgeable may be able to resolve this. Lovely day, perfect for gardening. Such a shame I'm work and can't right now - maybe someone could I have provided why I restored the scare quotes, but they have been removed. We need medical experts, besides myself, to look into this. Please see my comments there and the article's edit history.

      For a couple of weeks, this user has been making good-faith edits to mental health articles, using clumsy expression and poor citations. Over the last day or so I've been through all edits I could find and reverted most but corrected a few. They blanked notes from Looie and Guerillero about citations, so are aware of user talk pages, and are aware there's a problem. I have left simplified citation instructions on each of their talk pages. The contributions all seem to be in good faith and often useful, so I'm weakly hopeful that with firm but gentle handling they may become beneficial to the project.

      Anthony talk , 4 November UTC. I have created together with Smallman12q a toolserver tool that shows a weekly-updated list of cleanup categories for WikiProjects, that can be used as a replacement for WolterBot and this WikiProject is among those that are already included because it is a member of Category:WolterBot cleanup listing subscriptions.

      See the tool's wiki page , this project's listing in one big table or by categories and the index of WikiProjects. Svick talk , 7 November UTC. Attrition through stale tags is a bugbear of mine. I'm concerned about the clarity of the lead at Autism. It says only that autism is one of the autism spectrum disorders, but under Autism Classification the article explains that "autism" can also refer to the spectrum conditions in general.

      Anthony talk , 11 November UTC. Anthony talk , 13 November UTC. The article male lactation could do with a few more competent eyes. It is getting a lot of attention from people who either think every man can lactate with a bit of manual stimulation, or that it's completely impossible except in transsexuals. If I read the sources correctly, the truth is somewhere in between. Sourcing could generally be improved. For such an attractive edutainment topic as galactorhhea in human males it would be good to have more than one research paper to be on the safe side.

      There is also significant overlap between male lactation and galactorrhea , with the first article concentrating on males and the second on humans. Maybe they could be merged? In any case it would be nice if an expert could have a look and clarify the relation between the two articles. It is not easy to discuss male lactation without a definition. Does the lead sentence of lactation look correct to everyone? What is the difference to breastfeeding or nursing? For me the difference is mostly human vs non-human and lactation does not necessarily say "providing that milk to the young". Richiez talk , 15 November UTC.

      Also being concise is the key in making good articles that are medically correct, otherwise the article with inappropriate and unauthentic citations goes far from reality. Thank you very much. Well at the end I would like to say Its very hard job to maintain an encylcopedia especially where everyone, relevant or irrelevant to the field is allowed to make and edit articles.

      Thanks again and a big clap to everyone who have strove hard for converting weak and scientifically poor articles into competent ones. I think the separation in the first two items makes sense: A general biology article about mammals, and a specific human article with cultural and medical aspects. Perhaps we can follow the same pattern for the third and fourth article? This would entail the following:.

      I would prefer to keep changes and controversy contained in male lactation else we could end up adding a section "male breastfeeding" to breastfeeding. Is there any evidence of the term "male lactation" in pop culture? If there isnt anything then we should create an article "male pregnancy fantasies and associated psychologic conditions" and treat it there.

      Richiez talk , 16 November UTC. Most US dermatology residents use the above site for studying.

      Complete Sewer Installation, Inspection, & Repair

      I am thinking about adding this external link to the list. However, I wanted to get the community's opinion first. Is this an appropriate EL to add? Ok, I have added both those citations under the further reading section of the list. If you're interested, here's the links:.