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There was no high building,no signal internet, no department store but I didn't get bored yet. The air was clear,no smoke and dust. Everything was flesh. It was a good place to avoid hot whether in Thailand. I recommend you to travel there around Dec-Jan but not in New year celebration period. I know you don't want to miss this trip. Come to feel what netural buids for us. I never got a chance to visit a new country.

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But however I've visited a place in my country. It was so much fun! I went there with my friends. The name of the place is Cox's Bazar. Is the longest sea beach in the world. On the way there we had so much fun. We went there by a car. It took like 5 hours to get there. We went to a hotel named Sea Palace. We didn't waste a minute staying at the hotel idle. We went to the beach and had a bath there.

We clicked so many photos there. And then went for snacks. Coming back to the hotel we modified our photos. And planned for the next day. We woke up in morning and had our breakfast in hotel room. And had a bath in the swimming pool. It was so much fun. And than we went the beach again.

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It was too hot but we enjoyed. We came back to the hotel and had our meals. We packed our suitcases and then in the morning we started for our way back home. It was the best day in my life I guess. The best holiday I ever had was in Portugal, Algarve. I went around to see the history of that city and I had a really good time. Still, the weather was a little too hot. Best holiday I had ever is trip to snow mountain with my friends..

I get up early morning so I get there in morning. I took public bus to get there. I started climbing a mountain 7 am.

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I walked narrow footpath. The sun was shining,cloudless sky,wind is blow west to east.

St. Petersburg, Russia Shore Excursion

I took some photo on the hill. I look down a valley. I continued walking to reach top of mountain. I reached top of mountain at 2 pm. It was fabulous place. I look down my city from edge of mountain. It was breathtaking view.

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I satisfied for holiday. My best holiday was coming to a highland. It was so cool. I could see the pine, the large mountains, and the old houses.

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  4. I also had a warm drink when came to the highest point of the highland. Everything was great. I wish I can come back here in another day. Before you read you can do the preparation exercise to help you with vocabulary for adventure travel. When you have finished reading you can do the other exercises to check if you've understood the text correctly. The text explains the various holidays proposed by talking about the services offered by the agency, holidays and what can be done in these places. My best holidays have been in Spain. We went to the beach, to the pool and we did some climbing.

    We had such a great time there, I met a lot of people, made friends. We also went camping for two days. Last week,I went to Thailand with my family and friends. We stayed 4nights there. I had to comeback home even I still want to travel more. Among many places I have gone,floating market is my favorite place. But my heart was left there. The next place I love is Night market. Having local foods and giving a chat with a local is the best way of traveling for me.

    I had tried many Thai foods there. But many places are left to go.

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    There are not only Morten places but also historical places in Thailand. Everybody will love that country what kind of adventures you like. When I was older,I will go back again. I've been to Turkey last summer. It was the best holiday I've ever seen. I went to Ayder. There was too much snow, but I spent very exciting end enjoyable times. I want to go there once more. My favourite journey was to Malaysia which was profoundly intriguing because it was when I was 8 or 9 years old and that was the first time I recollect visiting a peregrine country. I visited the most pulchritudinous places I could optically discern like the butterfly garden which was a house full of butterflies.

    And there withal was a this most immensely colossal bird park in the world located somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. The best holiday i've ever had was in Davao.

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    I rode the Sky Swing - hanging from our harness 95 feet off the ground, the Sky Cycle - riding a bike on a cable which is 60 feet high, and gliding along the Sky Rider - a meter long steel cable suspended roughly 20 meters in the air between two steel towers. It took a lot of courage for me to do those activities and defy my fear of heights. The best holiday experience I had was when I went to Hong Kong with my family ,since that was the first time we all travelled together. Some included extras include cooking lessons, kayaking, hiking adventures and archaeological explorations.

    Having trouble deciding on a week at the spa or a language immersion vacation? Your dilemma is over. Scuola Palazzo Malvisi boasts one of the more intense courses on this list, with 26 immersive lessons per week.

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    Courses are very sea-centric and some focus specifically on sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving. These programs are all dedicated to delivering the thrills, flavors and comforts of a perfect Italian vacation, but keep in mind that doing an intensive language course is hard work! You have to have the drive to study, practice and endure a bit of mental strain if you want to walk away with some language skills in your pocket.

    The most important thing you can do is to avoid speaking English as much as possible. Speak Italian to your teachers and classmates in and out of school, and if possible, choose to lodge with an Italian family or roommate. When school lets out each day, make sure to manage your time properly. Consciously decide to continue your studies and to bring home some of the good habits and new hobbies you picked up while studying Italian in Italy.

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