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At the content level, despite the described crisis in journalism, it has never been easier for the audience to receive and publish information, while at the same time it has never been more difficult to evaluate the quality of information gained. The number of digital media outlets, blogs and social media posts seems to be expanding continuously.

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However, the establishment of social networks has been accompanied by undesired developments such as the rise of hate speech, an increased influence of populist spin on the formation of public opinion Sponholz and disinformation Report of the High-Level Group on Fake News and online disinformation Conference contributions are asked to assess the online content, public value and the ethics of journalism in the digital media world.

Contributions may inquire in how far the automatization of journalistic content is in the public interest and address advantages and disadvantages of personalized information.

What kind of debates and measures are necessary to tackle the future of the public remit of media in general and PSM in particular? On an international comparative level, it is important to analyze how different media systems adapt to the current changes in the media landscape. In the non-Western world, digitization causes different problems and advantages; e.

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Comparative research can shed light on the question, in how far the digital era challenges the establishment of regulation patterns in various countries and regions Sousa et al. We further invite contributions that aim at identifying patterns of similarities and differences across countries concerning press freedom, media subsidies, and the framework in which media act. This international conference, hence, aims to bring together scholars and practitioners working on a variety of theoretical, methodological and practical issues arising from the investigation of media policy and regulation in digital environments.

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Questions to be discussed during the conference should be rooted in theoretical approaches and at the same time inform these approaches to broaden not only the scope of research, but also deliver key factors and messages to media practitioners, policy makers and regulators. The conference especially welcomes international comparative research, but is not limited to it, as case studies may be crucial to understand trends.

Also, proposals with a transnational perspective dealing with trends and topics crossing borders are welcome.

The call is open to theoretical contributions as well as various empirical designs. Conference organizers: Dr.

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September in Ilmenau statt. Thema war "Journalism across Borders. Oktober in Erfurt statt. November in Berlin statt.

Direkt zum Inhalt. Suchformular Suche. Then I will mention the differences between German and US culture and then move on to compare the US national culture with those of a religious subculture in the US by using the diagram by Kluckholm and Stodtbeck. After all, any individual comprises numerous cultural values and is formed by many different types of culture.

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I was born in Germany, grew up here and lived most of my time in Germany. My whole family is German and Roman Catholic. In my childhood and youth we all went regularly to church on the weekend. Later I even become an altar girl for a few years until we moved to a different town. Catholic church-service progresses in a strict rule, one that has not changed much within the last couple of hundred years. In my perception, only the preach of sermon and the decision about which songs to sing and which intercessions to read are up to the priest. The service itself usually lasts about an hour.

Besides the attending church service, going to confession plays an important role in the Catholic belief. Confession is regarded as the most private, personal and secret act of Catholics at all. That means that you live in a host family, attend high school and integrate into the everyday life of your hosts. Before I left for Alabama, I read that it was part of the bible belt, but I had no idea what that really means. Among other great experiences, I did not only experience the meaning of bible belt, but in fact, my host family and I, as a new and fully integrated member of the family, lived the bible.

In my presentation about this experience I also mentioned bible studies and other activities organized by the Church. However, in this essay I will focus on Sunday church service. Instead of in an ancient, pompous Catholic church, service in South Side Baptist took place in a plain, artless room which appeared very friendly, inviting and convenient.

The room was wide, very bright, air-conditioned, the benches had cushions on them and the floor was covered with carpet. What reminded me of being in church were the altar, the cross, a piano and staged galleries.

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However, before you enter the service church room, you dispense your jackets, greet everyone in the lobby the ones you have not already met in bible study before and have a little small talk with other church members or the preacher. The preacher, unlike a Catholic priest, might be the leader of the church, but is not at all regarded above other members or higher in hierarchy, although he his highly respected.

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Unlike in a Catholic service where all participants bring their songbook with them, in South Side Baptist we had copies of the lyrics, usually without the notes on our seats. In those moments of collective singing we all felt like one group, firm as a rock, instead of feeling like an amount of little pebbles. Generally, throughout the whole service, Rory invited all of us to join in, to make comments, to ask for help and to participate in the service.