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Emergency Imaging: A Practical Guide

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Pamper your skin. All forms of stroke are presented concisely, with a large number of good quality images to illustrate each paragraph Very practical, pocket presentation, suitable for emergency medicine in stroke Concise and didactic text, including diagnosis and treatment options designed to rapidly resolve all questions raised in stroke emergencies First pocket book based on a cross-sectional approach to neurology and neuroradiology in stroke see more benefits. Buy eBook.

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Emergency Imaging: A Practical Guide

FAQ Policy. About this book Modern vascular neurology, particularly in the emergency setting, often requires a great capacity for analysis and synthesis. Show all. Pages Territory Infarction Saliou, Guillaume et al. Watershed Infarction Saliou, Guillaume et al. Transient Ischaemic Attacks Saliou, Guillaume et al. Wrap the amputated digit in a clean, moist cloth and place it in a plastic bag. Seal the bag and place it in a second bag filled with ice. Cooling the amputated part will prolong its viability and increase the odds that the reimplantation will succeed.

Any patient with severe neck or back pain after significant trauma may have an unstable spine. Displacement of an unstable spine can result in spinal cord or nerve root injury and permanent neurologic impairment.

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It is prudent to err on the side of caution. Post-traumatic compartment syndrome is a rapidly evolving, potentially devastating complication of blunt injury to an extremity.

Managing trauma patients in the community: U of T Trauma (St. Michael's, SickKids, Sunnybrook)

Crush injuries can result in compartment syndrome as well. In the extremities, muscle groups are contained in thick, dense envelopes of fascia called compartments.

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