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Sign Up and Get Listed. Feminist therapy was developed in response to the many challenges women have faced throughout history. The understanding that women may experience mental health issues as a result of psychological oppression is a core concept of feminist therapy.

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In therapy, women and other groups that have been marginalized might address the limitations experienced due to the sociopolitical status often imposed upon them and, with the help of a mental health professional , explore solutions to treat mental health needs and work toward social change. Feminist therapy attempts to make the marginalized viewpoint central, and modern-day feminist therapy and theory often addresses the concerns of people of color; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender-variant individuals ; people with special needs; immigrants; refugees; and more.

Those who have experienced oppression may be able to find a treatment that can inspire social transformation in addition to addressing mental health concerns.

Find a Therapist Advanced Search Many women have experienced systematic oppression and discrimination for centuries. With this discrimination often comes numerous gender-specific obstacles and stressors, such as victimization and violence , unrealistic depiction in the media, limited economic resources or opportunities, and work inequities.

Other disenfranchised groups, including people of color and the LGBT community, often experience similar challenges.

Cultural & Therapist Factors in Treating Asian Americans

Feminist therapists typically operate from the assumption that women and other oppressed groups are at risk for mental health issues due to the psychological distress caused by these obstacles. Therapy focuses on supporting those in treatment as they work to overcome limitations and restrictions. Gender roles, socialization , identity development, and self-concept are all explored during therapy in order to promote empowerment. Feminist therapy is a person-centered, politically informed model that positions treatment within a cultural context.

Its goals are to empower the person in treatment, enabling that person to potentially address aspects of social transformation, nurture the self and establish a strong self-concept, and restructure and enhance personal beliefs about identity. A therapist will generally work to prevent bias , demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of oppression, and offer a genuine, non-hierarchical relationship that emphasizes mutuality and equality. Those in treatment may share their own stories and also hear about the therapist's experiences.

Psychotherapy with Women

This form of therapy often has the effect of inspiring those in treatment to incite social change, and individuals may also, through therapy, become better able to accept themselves. Gender is an important concept in feminist therapy. People often lump gender in with biological sex, and although many people do identify their gender in this way, many more do not.

Feminist therapists may pay close attention to gender stereotypes and biases in order to help those they are treating understand how they were socialized in terms of gender. Feminist therapy can help people better define their gender identity in order to both better understand themselves and society. Feminist therapy's comprehensive understanding of gender makes it a solid choice for people who are transgender or gender variant.

Feminism, Therapy, and Narrative Ideas: Exploring Some Not-So-Commonly Asked Questions

When a person's gender identity or expression differs from the gender assigned at birth, or when a person's gender is not easily identifiable, stigmatization and discrimination often result. Many individuals have been traumatized by harassment, violence, and human rights violations. These experiences may lead some to seek therapeutic support in order to address these issues, as well as any mental distress they may experience as a result, and explore their gender identity in a safe environment. Although feminist therapy has historically consisted of women helping women, present-day feminist therapy is open to couples, families, children, and people of any gender.

Because the therapeutic relationship is a partnership, men, just as any other group, will typically find it essential to first determine what they require from treatment. For example, a therapist might help a man identify how his gender role has limited him in some way or support him in exploring the ways society has impacted his ability to express emotion.

Systemic Doctoral Research Theses. Tavistock

Participants were either in treatment, drug-free, using methadone or still using heroin. A study was carried out to investigate whether recovering alcoholics experienced more authoritarian parenting during childhood, than non-alcoholic participants did.

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A group of participants were given a short survey to The current research study seeks to explore how male psychotherapists negotiate the relationship between their identities as men and their identities as therapists and whether a realignment of the two is required. Examination of the literature associated with unemployment revealed a dearth of information associated with an explication of the experiences of being unemployed from the perspective of the unemployed person.

This study Boundaries are considered fundamental to the work of psychotherapy. Current literature shows that good boundaries provide a safe space for both the client and the therapist. There is significant writing on the risk and Cannabis : harmful or harmless? Cannabis use is growing in the Irish population. Generally users and nonusers alike are unaware as to the full potential of the possible negative consequences from cannabis use. This paper aims to investigate these negative The manner in which definitions of The main focus of the study was concerned with the correlation of alcoholism on family disintegration among diverse socio-cultural groups.

The study aimed at finding out the impact of parental alcoholism on children. The primary aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different drinking patterns in an Irish population on ability to cope with stress.

Coping ability comprised approach coping responses, avoidance coping responses Children of Alcoholics have been considered at risk for centuries. Studies examining the children of alcoholics have been criticised on methodological grounds. This paper intends to give a brief overview of the major This study explores an understanding of the Lacanian discourses and developmental dynamics as they relate to, in particular, the study of addiction and dependency.

The terminology used in the field is discussed. The disembodied spirit in psychotherapy.