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From established working groups to cross-cutting caucuses, regional forms or discussion groups - these are the vehicles through which Coalition members collaborate. A collection tools to help you accomplish reproductive health supplies-related goals.

A fast-growing list of interactive presentations and workshops from thought-leaders in the reproductive health supplies community. Read the latest news, join our mailing list and find out more about our annual meetings. Discover our strategy, read about our history and browse through our list of members. Delving into detailed tactics and tools, Tactical Implementation of Supply Chain Management teaches professionals how to apply, fine-tune and successfully implement the concepts introduced in Functional Perspective of Supply Chain Management.

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Groups From established working groups to cross-cutting caucuses, regional forms or discussion groups - these are the vehicles through which Coalition members collaborate. Tools A collection tools to help you accomplish reproductive health supplies-related goals. For Barber , criticisms of the BSC and its many applications and various developments state that people and suppliers are excluded, regulations and competitive environments are ignored as well as the environmental and social aspects of industry.

According to Reefke and Trocchi , environmental and social aspects can be integrated in the four perspectives by establishing strategic priorities that influence the formulation of targets, measures, and respective indicators, representing strategically important factors which may otherwise not be sufficiently represented through integration into the four standard BSC perspectives.

Identified limitations in literature for the performance measurement system.

Naini, Aliahmadi and Jafari-Eskandari claim that there are some limitations to the BSC for SCM such as does not take into account the relation of cause and effect over time, does not provide mechanisms for selecting best measures of performance, does not define value chains in strategic operations, and is not dynamic enough for online control. The literature review of Agami, Saleh and Rasmy reveals that most of the already existing SCs performance measurement systems are inflexible and lack continual improvement.

For Thakkar, Kanda and Deshmukh the integration between SCOR and BSC ensures the greater effectiveness of performance measurement system, because the BSC does not provide a mechanism for maintaining the relevance of defined measures, fails to integrate top level, strategic scorecard, and operational level measures potentially making execution of strategy problematic, and fails to specify a user-centered development process.

The SCOR model overcomes these shortcomings by adopting a building block approach and offers complete traceability, by defining the type of process planning, execution and enabling and configuring them to suit the SC requirements, and generating sufficient information to even develop tailor-made software system. According to Xian, Qiu and Zhang , although the performance measurement of SCM can be studied as a BSC, such approach is not effective for corporate-level assessment in that many measures can also be influenced by other business activities.

For Xian, Qiu and Zhang , the index of SC performance assessment with BSC in existing literature is not fully measurable and the SCM measures are used only for constructing the theoretical framework of SC performance assessment index system, but the assessment model or algorithm is scarce. Discussion of the complex issues of a balanced system of performance assessment is not simple.

For De Felice and Petrillo and Bhagwat and Sharma , Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP represents one of the methods that can address the complex issues of a balanced system of performance assessment. The application of this method along with BSC considers several relevant dimensions of organizational performance and formally explains how to weight their importance within a comprehensive framework. Technical procedures used for the development of papers and industrial sectors analyzed. Although the literature review to be an essential part of the development of any academic paper LAKATOS; MARCONI, , in classification used in this paper were considered of theoretical nature the papers that used only the conceptual approach in its design.

Table 1: Classification and annual distribution of papers according to the technical procedure used for its development.

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  • Technical procedure. Case study. Literature Review. The high incidence of case studies is explained by maturation of thematic research over the years and need for thorough analysis of the application of the performance measurement system in organizational practices. Table 1 shows that although with some fluctuations, there was growth in studies that address the alignment of the BSC with SCM over the years, considering that in only 1 paper was published and there was a peak of 8 posts in and Metrics proposed in the literature for the performance measurement system development.

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    Furthermore, for De Felice and Petrillo , using the BSC allows for stakeholders to determine the health of short-, medium- and long-term objectives at a glance. Based on the literature review, several authors have proposed specific structures that align performance metrics of supply chains with the perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard.

    In this paper, in order to portray the layout of these structures, a model that portrays a combination of the most important features in some of these proposals is presented. The representation of this model can be seen in Table 2. Financial Perspective. C ash flow. Costs structure. Revenue growth. Customers Perspective. Company image. Customer relationship.

    Product leadership. Business Internal Processes Perspective. Deliveries management. Industrial management. Innovation management. Purchase orders processing. Source leadership.

    Supply Chain Design and Management: Strategic and Tactical Perspectives

    Business External Processes Perspective. Improve collaboration with partners. Improve purchase order transaction efficiency. Improve source leadership. Learning and Growth Perspective. Human capital. In formation capital. Organizational capital. The performance measurement is an essential element of effective planning and control as well as decision-making. The measurement results show the effects of the strategies and potential opportunities in the SCM.

    This paper presented a literature review on the BSC alignment with the SCM, seeking to characterize the state of the art on the theme, presenting a set of specific metrics for each perspective in the major papers, some reasons for using measurement system for such assessments, as well as the advantages of use.

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    Based on several papers, the use of BSC for measuring SC performance is useful not only for firms and managers but also provides clear direction to researchers for accurate measurement of each performance. It is important to highlight as limitations of this study the focus on aspects mentioned by the authors, because the qualitative approach is based on subjectivism, which may neglect many important aspects of the studies analyzed. Another limitation resides in the fact that the bibliographical researches have the possibility to present secondary data collected or processed in error, and thus spread or expand the errors GIL, In order to minimize these limitations of the proposed research were analyzed only papers published in journals.

    Another point to stress is that the amount of analyzed papers and the number of content and approaches present in its structure, prevented deeper analysis of the results obtained in each production. Future papers may be developed, increasing the size of the sample analyzed, and deepening analyzes initiated here.

    Importantly, despite all the limitations inherent in the type of work proposed, the results contributed to characterize the profile of academic papers on the BSC with SCM. As conclusions of this paper can be stated that the use of the BSC as a performance measurement system for SCs chain encourages cooperation among members and creation of other assessment metrics and has a broader focus, with greater concern with SC effectively, addressing the need for joint efforts among its members for improving the performance of the whole chain.

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