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From formative research through monitoring and evaluation, these guides cover each step of the SBC process, offer useful hints, and include important resources and references. Skip to main content. Follow us on Twitter! Search form Search. How-to Guide. What is Concept Testing? Why Test Creative Concepts? When Should Concept Testing be Conducted?

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Learning Objectives After completing the activities in the concept testing guide, the reader will: Select the most appropriate study participants and method for concept testing, based on available resources, timing and objectives Prepare tools for the concept test Refine a creative concept based on what has been learned during the testing process Estimated Time Needed Concept testing typically takes between one to two months depending on the testing method used and the number of revisions necessary. Step 2: Identify Testing Audience.

Step 3: Select the Best Testing Method. Step 4: Develop Testing Methods. Step 5: Prepare Testing Tools. Step 6: Conduct the Testing. Step 8: Apply Testing Results. December Washington, DC: U. NIH Publication No. Pp 53 — Language of Resource:. Resources References. Privacy policy Ask a question. Good for generating new ideas and gauging emotional impact. Work best when it is fairly easy to bring together a group of people. In-Depth Interviews One-on-one discussion between an interviewer and a participant.

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Work best when testing concepts among people from several different geographic locations, or when the creative content is sensitive, such as reproductive and sexual health, making the audience feel uneasy discussing it in a group. Intercept Interviews Trained interviewer shows concept materials to the intended audiece in a place they frequently visit markets, clinics and conducts a quick survey with them. Work best when many audience representatives frequent the intercept location, when testing for one element, such as attention or cultural relevance, across alternative concepts.

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They help reduce recruiting costs. Self-Administered Questionnaires Questionnaires of mostly close-ended questions are completed by respondents. Good for large numbers of respondents with a short timeframe. Work well when testing creative concepts for websites, mobile applications or communication campaigns intended for audiences who come from diverse geographic locations, such as from across countries or regions of one country. When using intercept interviews, it might be best to present each concept via a poster to minimize on time and eliminate the need for technology.

When testing concepts for a multi-channel campaign, an electronic presentation allows audience representatives to see mock-ups of a variety of media.

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Testing Element. Sample Question. Provide pre-coded questions. Compared to other advertising you have seen, would say this concept is very memorable, memorable or not so memorable? Record the time required to understand the main message. Is this concept made for people like you or someone else?

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If someone else, what sort of person is this concept for? Toggle navigation. Overview Who is Compass for? See Test Content for further details. Flexible delivery Compass provides an assessment of literacy and numeracy that can be delivered in a flexible, non-intimidating test environment. ACER Shop.

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