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Writings (general remarks)

Phyllis Mrozinski, O. It replaces a statue of Thomas, dedicated in the spring of that was damaged in a fire while it was being stored in what is now the Pastoral Center, or Bukowski Chapel. In the display case below the portrait is a fragment of the castle foundation of Thomas's birthplace, at Rocca Secca, near Naples, Italy.

St. Thomas Aquinas

It was presented to the College by the citizens of Rocca Secca in the spring of and brought to campus by the then U. Ambassador to Italy, Peter Secchia. Sernin, to Aquinas College in Tom happened to be visiting the site while the tomb was being repaired and was given a damaged fragment of its original marble covering.

Thomas's teacher at the University of Paris, Albert the Great, Albertus Magnus, is the man for whom the Aquinas science building is named. Albert is known to have practiced experimental science - his efforts to test the validity of the claims associated with the use of herbal medicines and folk remedies for disease was unusual for his time.

Such skepticism, on the part of Albert, was adopted by his pupil, Thomas, and led both men to believe that one could be a sincere Christian and an objective observer of natural phenomena. Skip to main content. Discover AQ. Discover AQ Aquinas College, an inclusive educational community rooted in the Catholic and Dominican tradition, provides a liberal arts education with a global perspective, emphasizes career preparation focused on leadership and service to others, and fosters a commitment to lifelong learning dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the common good.

Undergraduate Graduate Continuing Education International. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio - During this period, he was often called upon to advise the reigning pontiff and the French King Louis VIII on affairs of state, and to represent the Dominican Order in meetings and discussions. Despite preaching every day, he found time to write homilies, disputations and lectures, and continued to work diligently on his great literary work, the "Summa Theologica".

Aquinas was characterized as a humble , simple, peace-loving man, given to contemplation , and a lover of poetry. He always maintained self-control and won over his opponents by his personality and great learning. There were various reports by friars and monks of minor miracles concerning Aquinas ranging from levitation to voices from Heaven. He refused to participate in mortification of the flesh , which as a Dominican Friar he was supposed to observe.

Thomas Aquinas | Christian History | Christianity Today

He also refused out of hand such prestigious positions as Archbishop of Naples and Abbot of Monte Cassino although he was persuaded back to the University of Naples in The Dominican Order prudently moved him to Italy while the investigations proceeded in Paris. In , en route to attend the Second Council of Lyons to attempt to settle the differences between the Greek and Latin churches, Aquinas fell ill and eventually died at the nearby Cistercian monastery of Fossa Nuova.

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In , three years after Aquinas' death, the Bishop of Paris and the Bishop of Oxford issued another, more detailed, edict which condemned a series of Thomas's theses as heretical , on the grounds of the orthodox Augustinian theology which considered human reason inadequate to understand the will of God. As a result of this condemnation, Aquinas was excommunicated posthumously a landmark in the history of medieval philosophy and theology , and it took many years for his reputation to recover from this censure.

In , he was named a Doctor of the Church.

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In , Pope Leo XIII stated that Aquinas' theology was a definitive exposition of Catholic doctrine, and directed clergy to take the teachings of Aquinas as the basis of their theological positions. Today, he is considered by many Catholics to be the Catholic church's greatest theologian and philosopher. Aquinas was a Christian theologian , but he was also an Aristotelian and an Empiricist , and he substantially influenced these two streams of Western thought.

Campus Ministry at Aquinas College

He believed that truth becomes known through both natural revelation certain truths are available to all people through their human nature and through correct human reasoning and supernatural revelation faith-based knowledge revealed through scripture , and he was careful to separate these two elements, which he saw as complementary rather than contradictory in nature.

He produced a comprehensive synthesis of Christian theology and Aristotelian philosophy that influenced Roman Catholic doctrine for centuries and was adopted as the official philosophy of the church in Thomism later became an important school of thought even within secular philosophy.

Thomas was born to parents who were in possession of a modest feudal domain on a boundary constantly disputed by the emperor and the pope. His father was of Lombard origin; his mother was of the later invading Norman heritage.

His people were distinguished in the service of Emperor Frederick II during the civil strife in southern Italy between the papal and imperial forces. Thomas was placed in the monastery of Monte Cassino near his home as an oblate i. In , after nine years in this sanctuary of spiritual and cultural life, young Thomas was forced to return to his family when the emperor expelled the monks because they were too obedient to the pope. He was then sent to the University of Naples , recently founded by the emperor, where he first encountered the scientific and philosophical works that were being translated from Greek and Arabic.

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  • In this setting Thomas decided to join the Friars Preachers, or Dominicans , a new religious order founded 30 years earlier, which departed from the traditional paternalistic form of government for monks to the more democratic form of the mendicant friars i. By this move he took a liberating step beyond the feudal world into which he was born and the monastic spirituality in which he was reared. A dramatic episode marked the full significance of his decision. His parents had him abducted on the road to Paris, where his shrewd superiors had immediately assigned him so that he would be out of the reach of his family but also so that he could pursue his studies in the most prestigious and turbulent university of the time.

    Thomas held out stubbornly against his family despite a year of captivity.

    Early years

    He was finally liberated and in the autumn of went to Paris to the convent of Saint-Jacques, the great university centre of the Dominicans; there he studied under St. Albertus Magnus , a tremendous scholar with a wide range of intellectual interests. Escape from the feudal world, rapid commitment to the University of Paris , and religious vocation to one of the new mendicant orders all meant a great deal in a world in which faith in the traditional institutional and conceptual structure was being attacked.